SES is the platform that guides you through your divorce

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A two minutes introduction to SES

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Based on what you've chosen, we recommend the following topics:

  1. Module 1 - 20 mins

    How divorce affects us

  2. Module 2 - 30 mins

    Let go and forgive

  3. Module 3 - 30 mins

    Coping with grief

  4. Module 4 - 45 mins

    Dealing with negative thoughts

  5. Module 5 - 40 mins

    How to handle crisis

  6. Module 6- 30 mins

    Anger management

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Based on what you've chosen, we recommend the following topics:

  1. Modul 7 - 30 min

    How children experience divorce

  2. Modul 8 - 30 min

    Understand children's feelings and reactions

  3. Modul 9 - 30 mins

    Putting children's needs first

  4. Modul 10 - 30 min

    How to communicate with children

  5. Modul 11 - 30 min

    CAD - For the children's sake

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Based on what you've chosen, we recommend the following topics:

  1. Modul 12 - 30 min

    Avoiding typical pitfalls

  2. Modul 13 - 45 min

    Making clear agreements

  3. Modul 14 - 30 min

    How to get through holidays and birthdays

  4. Modul 15 - 30 min

    Paths to good communication

  5. Modul 16 - 30 min

    Dealing with conflicts

  6. Modul 17 - 30 min

    Creating a good co-parental cooperation

  7. Modul 18 - 30 min

    Find common ground in child upbringing

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Science has spoken: SES works!

Researchers from the University of Copenhagen have studied the effectiveness of SES in a randomised control study.

The results show that SES reduces wellknown negative effects of divorce such as depression, stress and hostility.

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Used by more than 10,000 divorcees


hours of guided lessons


digital modules covering the most common challenges when divorcing




Visual and immersive

Make use of our engaging platform, which provides you with exercises and recognizable situations vividly communicated through pictures, videos and audio.

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We work to reduce the everyday burden on families experiencing divorce

The SES team consists of recognized researchers and experts specialized in divorce and digital health.

We work daily to further develop and refine our resources for families experiencing divorce and those working in the field of family life.

Fagfólkið á bak við SES - barnanna vegna á Íslandi.

Gyða Hjartardóttir, félagsráðgjafi.
Umsjónar- og ábyrgðaraðili SES á Íslandi.

Dr. Sigrún Júlíusdóttir, félagsráðgjafi.
Ábyrgð og ráðgjöf SES á Íslandi.